Jewelry wholesalers providing clients with personalized services and the experience of having their own private jeweler.

Alex Boyandjian’s jewelry journey began as a young man who understood he had the good fortune of having a passion for gemstones. Unbeknownst to Alex, his knowledge of luxury goods, passion for watches, extensive traveling around the world, and his love for doing the best by people would one day lead him to become a GIA Graduate Gemologist and later to become an exclusive private jeweler based in Beverly Hills.

At Alexander of Beverly Hills we pride ourselves in providing a unique and comfortable jewelry buying experience. We deeply value working intimately with our clients on a one-on-one basis in our private showroom to provide a personalized experience. Whether selecting from our diverse collection or taking the time to create a one of kind custom piece. We strive to present fabulous jewels that embody client’s truest vision.

We are particularly recognized for our investment worthy and timeless jewelry such as exquisite diamond necklaces and rare colored diamond pieces. Our relentless dedication to our craft allows us to provide our clients with an extensive and diverse collection at all price points. Our classic designs are inspired to compliment modern day styles as well as glamorous nights out. We believe that diamonds are as special and rare as those who wear them.

As jewelry and diamond wholesalers, we provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase jewels without paying the retail mark-up. Our mission is simply to provide a first class luxury buying service at competitive price points with the motto of quality to never be compromised.


Over the years we have built quite a diverse clientele, who  continue to inspire us to create pieces at all price points while staying true to classic and timeless designs. We are particularly known for our bold yet elegant diamond necklaces, rare colored diamond rings, and classic tennis bracelets as well as eternity bands of all shapes and sizes. An engagement ring is the most important jewelry piece one can buy, and though we have a strong collection of these special pieces we mostly keep a loose inventory of diamonds to tailor make the most personalized testimony of love in jewelry. Our design process always begins with the stone(s) individual beauty to inspire the final outcome of the piece, which are always set in 18k gold or platinum. We work with some of the most elite and talented bench jewelers in Los Angeles, who’s relentless attention to the finest details are held at the highest industry standards. All of our creations are treated and crafted with the same level of importance.

We are constantly buying, trading and selling top brand name watches at some of the most competitive watch trade shows; Particularly Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, and Cartier. As participants in some of the greater watch shows, we have a continuous collection of some of the hottest watches which has made us a go to source for clients, wholesalers, and watch collectors.

Please Note: Most of our inventory is not present on our website and some pieces may be out with retail stores we supply.



DiamondDiamonds are the true heart beat of our business. On a daily basis we work with diamonds of all shapes, sizes, cuts, colors, and clarities. We proudly specialize in rare fancy color as well as colorless diamonds of high quality, all shapes and sizes. From larger matching pairs to unique fancy colors, we source our clients with their most limitless diamond needs tailored to their request.


Colored StonesOur early beginnings in the trade started with trading colored stones. We still have continued to source some of the finest precious colored stones such as rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and Paraiba tourmalines that come from around the globe.

Our deep understanding of exceptional quality and favorable prices provide clients with utmost trust when purchasing magnificent colored stones.

At Alexander of Beverly Hills we are recognized for our exquisite diamond jewelry and services. Deep down… we are the biggest gem nerds! Our personal love and passion for diamonds and colored stones has always fueled our drive to continuously educate our selves with the latest gemological findings. The history and world of gemstones is truly fascinating and we love sharing our knowledge with our clients.


Confidentiality is one of the foremost important pillars of our business. We are fully committed to and understand the importance of our client’s privacy. Dealings involved with buying, brokering or appraising, are all conducted with the same sensitivity.


In The TradeWe are foremost proud of the immaculate reputation we have cultivated of being honest and transparent. We self credit this as the most important pillar of our successes and the great long-standing relationships we have built over the years. Wholesale jewels has been and continues to be an important part of our day-to-day business. Our extensive inventory of all jewel types has made us a favorable supplier for highly crafted pieces.

Pieces we are strongest with and more distinguished for: Impressive diamond necklaces, diamond chandelier earrings, Riviera necklaces, tennis bracelets, loose fancy color diamonds & fancy color diamond jewelry.